Can I put untreated compressor condensate down the drain?

In England, the disposal of untreated compressor condensate down the drain is generally not permitted without proper treatment or authorization. Compressor condensate often contains contaminants, including oil, lubricants, and other substances that can be harmful to the environment if discharged directly into the drain.
The Water Resources Act 1991 and the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 govern the discharge of any potentially polluting substances into water sources in England. It is important to comply with these regulations to protect the environment and prevent water pollution.
To ensure proper disposal of compressor condensate, it is recommended to:
Treat the condensate: Implement appropriate treatment methods, such as oil-water separation or filtration, to remove contaminants before discharging the condensate.
Seek authorization: Contact your local water authority or environmental agency to inquire about specific regulations and obtain any necessary permits or authorizations for the discharge of treated condensate.
Consider professional disposal services: Alternatively, you may choose to use professional waste disposal services that specialize in handling and treating compressor condensate to ensure compliance with regulations.
It is essential to check with the appropriate regulatory authorities in your specific area to understand the local requirements and ensure that you are in compliance with the applicable regulations for the disposal of compressor condensate in England.