Fixed Speed Air Compressors

Discover your industry’s perfect compressed air solution with Air Kraft’s range of Atlas Copco compressors. 

We offer three distinct series—G Professional, GA Industrial, and GA+ Premium—from small workshops to large industrial plants to meet your specific needs.

What is a fixed speed compressor?

A fixed-speed compressor is a type of air compressor that operates at a constant motor speed, typically set by the manufacturer. The motor runs at the same speed regardless of the air demand, producing a consistent output of compressed air. These compressors often utilize load/unload or on/off cycling to regulate the air output. While they are generally simpler and less expensive than variable speed compressors, fixed-speed compressors can be less energy-efficient in applications with fluctuating air demand. They may consume more energy than necessary during periods of low demand, resulting in potential energy waste and higher operating costs.

G Professional Series

Best Suited For Small to medium workshops, manufacturing, and light industrial applications.


Power range: 2-22 kW
Pressure: Up to 13 Bar
Types: Floor-standing or receiver-mounted
Extras: Integrated dryer and wireless monitoring via Nano controller 

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GA Industrial Series

Best Suited For Medium to large manufacturing plants, workshops, and areas requiring low noise levels, better efficiency or greater duty.


Power range: Up to 5005 kW (Tank-mounted available)
Duty: Continuous
Optional: Full Feature (FF) Integral dryer available as an extra
Monitoring: SmartLink for real-time remote monitoring
Noise: Lower noise levels suitable for workplace installation

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Unmatched Performance with GA+ Premium Series: Powering Industrial Innovation

GA+ Premium Series: Best Suited For Large industrial applications requiring efficiency, reliability, and customisation.


Power range: 5-500kW
Efficiency: Gear-driven for maximum efficiency
Customisation: Extensive options available
Tailoring: Wide range suited to specific industrial needs

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