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Discover the power of efficiency with Air Kraft’s range of low pressure blowers, meticulously engineered to cater to a spectrum of industrial applications. Our collaboration with Atlas Copco enables us to offer you an array of blower technologies, including Lobe, Screw, Turbo, and Claw blowers, each tailored to meet the unique demands of your operations.

Choose between fixed speed or Variable Speed Drive (VSD) configurations to seamlessly align with your operational dynamics. Our VSD technology ensures optimal energy efficiency by adjusting the motor speed to meet the exact air demand, reducing energy bills substantially.

Here’s a closer look at the sectors our low pressure blowers proficiently serve:

What is the difference between a low-pressure blower and an air compressor?

In brief, the main difference between a low-pressure blower and an air compressor lies in their operating principles and intended applications.

A low-pressure blower is primarily designed to provide a steady flow of air or gas at relatively low pressures, typically below 1 bar (14.5 psi). It delivers a high volume of air at low pressure for applications such as ventilation, aeration, or pneumatic conveying.

On the other hand, an air compressor is specifically engineered to compress air, increasing its pressure to a higher level for various industrial processes. It delivers compressed air at higher pressures, typically ranging from a few bar to several hundred bar. Air compressors are used in applications like powering pneumatic tools, operating machinery, or supplying compressed air for industrial processes.

While both devices move air, the distinction lies in the pressure range and purpose. Low-pressure blowers provide high-volume airflow at low pressure, while air compressors generate higher-pressure compressed air for diverse industrial applications.

Wastewater Treatment Enhance aeration and agitation processes with our blowers, ensuring efficient wastewater treatment operations.

Cement  Streamline conveying and blending functions within cement manufacturing with our reliable and robust blowers.

Food & Beverage  Uphold the highest standards of purity and compliance in air supply, vital for food and beverage processing.

Mining  Experience rugged durability and reliable performance in drilling and ventilation operations within harsh mining environments.

Energy Power turbines or support consistent power generation with our efficient low pressure blowers.  

Oil & Gas Navigate the volatile landscapes of oil and gas operations with our safe and dependable blowers, suited for upstream, midstream, or downstream processes.

Aquaculture (fish farming) Ensures optimal oxygen supply essential for aquaculture operations with our precision-engineered blowers.

Our low pressure blowers are not just equipment; they are a pledge of performance, purity, and proficiency. The technological diversity encapsulated within our range assures adaptability, making our blowers a coveted choice across varied industrial domains.

Embark on a journey of enhanced operational efficiency, reduced energy costs, and uncompromised air purity with Air Kraft’s low pressure blowers. Explore our range today and elevate your industrial operations to new heights of excellence.

Your journey towards superior operational efficiency and purity begins here. Download now and let Air Kraft be the wind beneath your operational wings!

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