NGM Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Why Opt for On-Site Gas Generation?

The air around us is more than just a life-sustaining element; it’s a resource. The air, which comprises 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and 1% trace gases, holds untapped potential for various industries.

With Atlas Copco’s cutting-edge gas generators, available through Air Kraft, you can harness this potential right at your facility.

What are the advantages of generating my own nitrogen gas over liquid gas?

Generating your own nitrogen gas through an on-site nitrogen generator offers several advantages over relying on liquid nitrogen gas supply. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Cost Savings: Generating nitrogen gas on-site can be significantly more cost-effective in the long run compared to purchasing liquid nitrogen gas. Once the initial investment in the nitrogen generator is made, the operational costs are generally lower since you eliminate the expenses associated with purchasing and transporting liquid nitrogen.
  2. Convenience and Independence: Having your own nitrogen generator grants you independence from relying on external suppliers. You can produce nitrogen gas as needed, eliminating potential delays or disruptions in supply. This convenience also saves time and effort associated with ordering, delivery, and managing inventory of liquid nitrogen.
  3. Continuous Availability: With an on-site nitrogen generator, you have a continuous and reliable supply of nitrogen gas. You can produce nitrogen whenever required, regardless of the time of day or supplier availability. This ensures uninterrupted operations and eliminates the risk of running out of gas.
  4. Safety and Storage: Storing and handling liquid nitrogen can pose safety risks due to its extremely low temperatures and potential for oxygen displacement. Generating nitrogen gas on-site eliminates the need for storing and handling large quantities of liquid nitrogen, reducing safety concerns, and minimizing the risk of accidents.
  5. Environmental Impact: On-site nitrogen generation is more environmentally friendly compared to the production and transportation of liquid nitrogen. It eliminates the carbon footprint associated with the delivery and storage of liquid nitrogen, contributing to sustainability efforts.
  6. Purity and Control: With an on-site nitrogen generator, you have control over the purity and quality of the nitrogen gas produced. You can customise the nitrogen purity according to your specific requirements, ensuring it meets the precise needs of your applications.

Overall, generating your own nitrogen gas provides cost savings, convenience, continuous availability, improved safety, environmental benefits, and greater control over gas purity. These advantages make on-site nitrogen generation a preferred choice for many industries that rely on nitrogen gas for various applications.

The Perks of Producing Your Own Gas

Waste Not: Traditional gas bottles come filled to pressures greater than 200Bar. However, once the pressure inside the bottle drops to around 30Bar, the residual gas becomes unusable for most applications. As a result, this low-pressure gas is often returned along with the used bottle, leading to unnecessary waste and inefficiency. With our on-site gas generation solutions, you can eliminate this issue and maximise every cubic meter of gas.

Cost Savings: Reduce operational costs by up to 50% compared to traditional bulk deliveries.

No More Delivery Fees: Eliminate the extra charges of gas deliveries.

Safety First: Minimise the risks associated with handling and storing gas cylinders.

Zero Wastage: Say goodbye to evaporation or boil-off losses.

Eco-Conscious: Lower your carbon footprint by cutting out HGV deliveries and diesel emissions.

Be Independent: Free yourself from supplier schedules and price hikes.

Custom Solutions for Every Sector

Whether your business operates in laser cutting, food & beverage, electronics, or chemical manufacturing, Air Kraft, in partnership with Atlas Copco, has the ideal gas generator for you. The beauty of choosing Atlas Copco through Air Kraft is that every component of your gas generation system is a product of Atlas Copco’s engineering excellence.

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