Experience Unmatched Efficiency with Air Kraft's VSDS Compressors

Air Kraft proudly presents the VSDS series, our premier product line featuring the highest motor efficiency rating of IE5. These Variable Speed Drive (VSD) compressors offer unparalleled technology and energy savings, making them an industry leader.

Why should I buy a variable speed compressor?

Investing in a variable speed compressor can bring several benefits to your compressed air system. Firstly, it offers significant energy savings compared to fixed-speed compressors. By automatically adjusting the motor speed to match the required air demand, a variable speed compressor avoids the energy waste associated with idling or unloading in fixed-speed models. This energy efficiency translates to lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact.

Secondly, a variable speed compressor provides enhanced system control and flexibility. It can respond quickly to changing air demand, ensuring consistent and stable air pressure throughout your operations. This feature is particularly advantageous in applications with varying production levels or fluctuating air requirements. Additionally, the ability to start and stop smoothly without sudden surges or spikes reduces mechanical stress and extends the lifespan of the equipment.

Furthermore, a variable speed compressor helps mitigate issues related to air leakage. By maintaining optimal pressure levels and minimizing on/off cycling, it reduces the strain on the system, resulting in decreased air leakage and associated energy losses.

In summary, a variable speed compressor offers energy efficiency, cost savings, improved system control, and enhanced equipment longevity. It is a smart investment for businesses seeking to optimize their compressed air system, reduce operational expenses, and minimize their environmental footprint.

VSDS Series: The Pinnacle of Efficiency

The VSDS series stands out for its exceptional energy savings, averaging 60% compared to our fixed-speed GA models. With a power range currently covering from 5 kW to 37 kW, these compressors are equipped with an oil-cooled motor and offer SmartLink connectivity and remote monitoring as standard features.

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VSD and VSD+ Series: The Reliable Choices

While the focus is on our latest VSDS models, it’s worth noting that the original VSD+ series, now known as VSD for some models, also offers significant energy savings and reliability.

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Key Features

Ultimate Energy Savings – Achieve an average of 60% energy savings.

Eco-Friendly – Contribute to carbon reduction.

Quiet Operation – Designed to minimise noise.  

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