Ten ways to Increase Compressor Efficiency

Compressed air accounts for a significant part of total energy costs for industrial manufacturers – typically about 12% and maybe as high as 40% in some facilities. This means that any compressed air energy savings that you can achieve will have a big impact. Our 10 best practice tips will help you reduce your running costs through making your compressor installation more energy efficient.

1️⃣ Reduce unloaded running hours
2️⃣ Eliminate air leaks
3️⃣ Reduce the pressure band
4️⃣ Turn compression heat into useful energy with heat recovery
5️⃣ Ensure the correct size of compressor is installed
6️⃣ Ensure the correct type of technology is installed
7️⃣ Consider a VSD compressor
8️⃣ Get an audit
9️⃣ Reap the benefits of modern compressed air equipment
🔟 Don’t forget the impact of regular maintenance

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Ten ways to Increase Compressor Efficiency

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