Reduce Energy Consumption

As energy prices remain high, it is important to reduce energy consumption and therefore increase savings.

Statistics show that compressed air typically accounts for about 12% of the total energy costs for industrial manufacturers – for some facilities, the figure may reach as high as 40%. However, the good news is that between 70-94% of energy consumed by air compressors is recoverable. Without any form of recovery, this energy is lost through radiation to the atmosphere or through cooling systems. The carbon equivalent of every kW of energy saved makes this a viable target for CO2 reduction measures.

In every case, recovering heat from compressed air reduces the need for purchasing energy. It is this reduction that results in lower CO2 emissions and operating costs. Due to the high cost of energy, these savings can be significant in terms of helping companies to meet their carbon reduction targets and improve manufacturing plant profitability. Speak to our heat recovery experts to get a bespoke calculation of how much you could save!

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