Air Compressor Failure Costs

🤔 What is the cost to your business if your compressor fails?

Compressed air is the 4th utility, and crucial to most manufacturers, have you recently considered your backup compressor? Often backup compressors are old, and inefficient, either oversized or undersized for a company’s current requirements. Backup compressors are often overlooked until the unexpected happens, then it can be too late.

Ask yourself the following six questions:
1. Do you have a backup compressor?
2. Will your backup compressor cope with your factory’s air demand?
3. Is your backup compressor reliable and in good working condition?
4. Is your backup compressor energy efficient?
5. Do you have your backup compressor serviced regularly?
6. Will your customer or manager be pleased if your backup compressor fails?

If you have answered No to any of the questions above, it is worth a review of your contingency arrangements. If you don’t know the capacity or condition of your backup compressor, ask a specialist.

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Air Compressor Failure Costs

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