Atlas Copco Oil Sealed Rotary Screw Pump with a Variable Speed Drive

Atlas Copco Oil Sealed Rotary Screw Pump with a Variable Speed Drive

Models GHS 350-900 VSD+ three phase electrical supply

Standard Scope of Supply

The GHS 350 VSD+, GHS 585 VSD+, GHS 730 VSD+ and GHS 900 VSD+ are a range of air cooled; oil sealed screw variable speed vacuum pumps.

These pumps are the new innovation on the market in terms of efficiency, environment, reliability and sustainability.


High efficiency cuts costs

These vacuum pumps consume around 50% less energy than alternative technologies. They are the most energy-efficient oil-lubricated vacuum pumps on the market in the capacity range where some other technologies (oil vane technology) start to become inefficient mechanically and cost wise (typically >300 m3/hr) and expensive in terms of Capital Expenditure.

Energy savings
Variable speed drive and set-point control – not normally features of vacuum pumps – lead to significant energy savings. Set-point control allows optimizing the energy you use to maintain your process vacuum level and thereby optimize your process efficiency and performance. The minimum flow will be delivered to match your required vacuum level or speed – nothing is wasted!

These machines are provided with a smart inlet valve allowing a modulating vacuum control in conjunction with the variable speed drive to minimize energy consumption.

Easy, fast installation saves time

Space-saving – The GHS VSD+ Series has one of the smallest footprints on the market: no larger than the footprint of a standard pallet. Everything you need is delivered in a single, neat enclosure. Plug-and-play installation with the inlet, outlet and cables entry at the top of the machine.

Comfortable, clean working environment

The GHS VSD+ Series offers one of the lowest noise levels among vacuum pumps available on the market today.

Its market-leading oil retention means that the quality of the exhausted air is optimal, which contributes to employee well-being (as this air is often breathed). It also avoids oil spills on the factory floor, which commonly occurs with conventional oil-lubricated pumps. The end result is a significantly cleaner working environment.

Energy recovery leads to minimal hot air in the workplace – avoiding the usual problem of hot air in air-conditioned production environments.

Low failure rate and low costs

The GHS VSD+ Series is designed for easy and infrequent maintenance: no vanes, no vane chatter, and no vane wear. Mean Time Between Failure rates are extremely low and no water is needed.

A SMARTLINK is available to keep you effortlessly informed of pump performance and maintenance GHS 6requirements. You can subscribe to the Service, Uptime or Energy version. Then the interventions are planned at the best time, abnormal parameters are detected earlier or you can benefit of energy monitoring.

Long-lasting components

The oil lubricated screw adapted for vacuum is highly efficient and have outstanding performance like all the Atlas Copco screw. The element life is significantly longer than screw compressors and vane pumps.

The oil separator is designed for the most efficient oil coalescing with the lowest back pressure, which means less energy consumption. This contributes to a long oil separator life that is double that of a comparable oil-sealed vane vacuum pump. Another contribution to oil separator life is the patented design which never allows the filtration media to be overloaded, so they last much longer.

Optimal flexibility

A unique water handling capability provides you with the versatility and flexibility you need. Electronically controlled gas ballast and temperature management allows optimal adaptation to your specific process. The humid version can handle 100% water vapor at pressures above 30mbar(a). The gas ballast is automatically switched and pre and post purge cycles are provided and controlled within the package. A cleaning cycle can also be adopted during shut down periods.

Canopy with hot-cool zones GHS 7
The GHS VSD+ Series features a canopy with a hot-cool design. It isolates all heat producing and temperature critical components (motor, oil separator, and element) from all other components. As cool running means higher reliability, this feature extends the lifetime of electronic components and leads to a longer Mean Time Between Failure. The fan is a latest generation fan designed by Atlas Copco low noise; energy efficient.

The version which match with your application
Standard – Ideal for applications where you need to maintain a pressure set-point. The oil used is Atlas Copco mineral.

Humid – Suitable for high water content duties, for applications such as plastics, clay molding, drying pipelines, salad cooling, freeze drying etc.

The unit is fitted with tighter and higher temperature control, additional control logic and synthetic oil.

Turbo – This fast evacuation version enables faster cycle times – meaning more production. It’s ideal for meat, cheese and chicken packaging, as well as cooling, freeze drying and general vessel evacuation applications.

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