Generate Nitrogen

Have you considered generating you own Nitrogen in your business?

If you currently buy industrial nitrogen, either in bottles or as liquid gas delivered by tanker, these are expensive options for your business and mean you are permanently reliant on other suppliers.

Replace these with on-site generators that are up to 80% more cost-effective, be self-sufficient and see a return on investment in just 12 months.

Supplying up to 99.999% purity, these generators are ideal for businesses dealing with laser cutting, sheet metal, fabrication and other forms of manufacturing.

Designed to operate continuously to match demand, and as modular systems, our generators can be updated to meet changing needs.

Here at Air Kraft, we offer a full service, from friendly advice to supply, installation, servicing and repairs.

With finance options available that we can set up for you, we will work with you to find the best nitrogen generating system for your business.


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