Unveiling the Air Kraft FLX Dual Speed Air Compressor: A Game-Changer in Energy Excellence, Powered by Atlas Copco.

Revolutionise Your Compressed Air Operations with the FLX Dual Speed Compressor.

Air Kraft is thrilled to announce the launch of a groundbreaking technology in collaboration with the industry leader, Atlas Copco. Introducing the FLX Dual Speed Air Compressor – a powerhouse that redefines industry standards and elevates your operations to new heights.


Embark on a New Era of Efficiency

Imagine a compressor that not only meets but exceeds your energy efficiency expectations. The FLX Dual Speed, powered by Atlas Copco, is a trailblazer boasting an unrivalled ability to adapt its speeds dynamically. Experience up to 20% in energy savings compared to traditional fixed-speed models – a genuine game-changer in the world of compressed air technology.

Thrilling FLX Features That Redefine Possibilities

  • Adaptive Agility: Shift seamlessly between high and low speeds based on real-time air demand, ushering in an era of unparalleled energy savings.
  • Unleashing Power: With an IE5-rated motor energising it, this compressor commands attention and delivers unparalleled efficiency without compromise.
  • Neos Next Inverter Magic: The Neos Next Inverter, our secret weapon, optimises operations, ensuring every moment counts towards maximum efficiency and performance.
  • Restart Revolution:  Bid farewell to idle runs. The FLX Dual Speed, by Atlas Copco, restarts under pressure, showcasing a commitment to efficiency that sets it apart.

Benefits That Propel Your Success

  • Savings on Steroids: With the FLX you enjoy a jaw-dropping 20% reduction in energy costs, transforming your bottom line and setting new standards for cost-effectiveness.
  • Green Powerhouse: Position your business as a sustainability champion with our FLX compressor – a true Green Powerhouse. Benefit from its exceptional energy efficiency, which propels your operational savings and significantly diminishes your carbon footprint. Make a bold statement in sustainability with the FLX compressor.
  • Reliability Redefined: The FLX provides a consistent and reliable air supply that guarantees your business operates at peak efficiency every single time.

Epic Savings Journey: With energy savings and an extended lifespan, the FLX Dual Speed Compressor promises a lower total cost of ownership compared to fixed-speed alternatives.

Join the Pioneers – Who Should Jump Onboard?

Perfect for visionaries in manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare, and construction, the FLX Dual Speed Compressor, powered by Atlas Copco, is not just a compressor; it’s a symbol of innovation. Ideal for those pushing the boundaries and striving to meet rigorous energy efficiency standards.

Pricing That Matches the Excitement

While the exact costs may vary based on the chosen model and options, our offerings are a competitive investment in the dual-speed compressor market. And here’s the extra thrill – Air Kraft extends finance solutions to make your acquisition even more accessible. Paul this should link to finance page

In Conclusion: Elevate Your Air Experience!

The FLX Dual Speed Compressor, powered by the industry leader Atlas Copco, isn’t merely a machine – it’s a formidable force. Join the vanguard and introduce this groundbreaking technology to your operations, witnessing the transformation as it unfolds.

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