Equalizer 4.0 and Optimizer 4.0 Air Compressor Controllers

Compressor Control Systems

Optimize your air system performance with a central compressor control system
We want to continuously reduce your production costs without jeopardizing the availability of compressed air. Moreover, environmental awareness calls upon industrial facilities to limit CO2 emissions by reducing your energy consumption. Compressed air installations, with your significant power needs, are an important area for improvement.
The Atlas Copco Equalizer EQ4.0 and Optimizer 4.0 central compressor control systems are the perfect solutions to meet these needs.

  • Improving the efficiency of the complete compressed air system
  • Reducing the life cycle cost to the absolute minimum
  • Monitoring the operation of the compressed air system
  • Reduce pressure band for more consistent air supply
  • Control multiple compressors and dryers from a central control
  • Connectivity to BMS

Benefit of a Compressor Control System

Efficiency – Potential 10% energy savings on a typical compressed air installation with mixed size and technology of compressors.

  • Regulation of the system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band to optimize energy efficiency
  • Prioritized use of the most economic machines over older, less effective versions.
  • Continuous usage of VSD machines, the most energy efficient machines for variable load
  • Assurance that multiple VSD and/or Turbo compressors are used in their most efficient performance zones when working together
  • Shutdown scheduling to avoid costs during non-working hours

Reliability – Stability and uptime.

  • Optimized pressure stability reduces problems with air operated equipment
  • Use of newer, more modern machines over older ones reduces downtime
  • Workload equalization avoids overloads on individual machine.

Reduced maintenance cost of equipment

Comprehensive, flexible machine sequence control ensures the installed machines are able to work in groups. The ES compressor control system guarantees that the running hours of the system are equal across all machines in the same group.

The result? Fewer service visits and reduced costs as all machines can be serviced at the same time. Furthermore ES automatically shuts down machines during “non-production” times such as nights, weekends and holidays, running hours and service costs are further reduced.

Easy installation

CAN (Controller Area Network) is a widely used standardized simple but reliable system. Easy and inexpensive to install.

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