Engineering and Fabrication GA5 Compressors

Customer: Engineering and fabrication
Reason for audit: Exploring the potential to replace two compressors with one single unit.
Current compressor: 2 off Atlas Copco GA5
Cost of electricity: £0.34 /kWh (average cost)
Results of Audit: Measured potential savings 77.5% = £12,169/year
Simulated compressor: Atlas Copco GA5VSDs (5kW) IE5
ROI on equipment: <12 Months

How does this GA5VSDs compressor save so much energy and money?

Atlas Copco’s state-of-the-art element in a unique vertical configuration with an ultra-premium efficiency (IE5) ferrite assisted synchronous reluctance motor. This new motor technology equals IE5 efficiency without the need of rare earth materials, making it a completely sustainable solution.

The energy (Amps) charts are showing the compressor running condition, running on load, running unloaded (not pumping air), and stopped.

Green is loaded running – efficient use of power.

Orange is unloaded running, not producing air – wasted electricity.

The compressors are a typical fixed speed units, they are both running independently and from the lack of green there is little efficient loaded running,  we can see from the volume of off-load running, that there is great potential to save with a variable speed drive replacement.

Weekly Flow chart (l/s)

Survey results

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