Vacuum Pumps

Our latest Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps cut energy costs by 50% on average.

These industrial vacuum pumps operate cleanly and silently, creating a safe, reliable vacuum for a variety of applications, including:

  • Food packaging
  • Lifting and holding large/heavy items
  • Pick and place — for small scale assembly
  • Vacuum forming.

We supply four different kinds of pump.


These oil-injected vacuum pumps deliver an ultimate pressure between 0.1 and 0.5 mbar.

They’re best suited to small point-of-use applications, such as packaging, woodwork, printing and plastics.

The latest models are smaller and quieter, which means they can be used in a more limited space.


These machines have capacities ranging from 170 to 37,500 m³/h. m³.

Liquid ring pumps are designed for handling extreme vapour loads. This makes them especially suitable for wet and damp environments.


These vacuum pumps have been developed to function at 400 mbar and below, and have a maximum flow rate in the region of 5004 m3/h.

They have been designed for use in the food packaging industries, for processes including glass, plastic and tin can packaging.

Compared to oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps, they offer better performance, reduced maintenance and lower noise and heat emissions.

And thanks to the control function, you can select the right level of vacuum for your specific application, so you’re not wasting money on energy you don’t need.


Dry claw pumps have volume flows between 65 and 1230 m3/h. The pumps typically have an ultimate vacuum of 140 mbar(a), but some of the latest pumps can reach 50 mbar(a).

The main selling point for dry claw vacuum pumps is that they have no lubrication in the main pumping chamber. This makes them the best choice if you need a pump with zero contamination.

The pumps are also cost effective and quiet to run.

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