Why Use O2 Over Compressed Air

🤔 Why use O2 over compressed air? – The reason for not using air is that it would introduce 78% N2 which would lower the biogas’ calorific value measured by the Wobbe index.

🤩 Green energy source
🤩 Feedstock is heated to 40 degrees, creates CH4, CO2, water vapour (H2O) and hydrogen sulphide (H2S)

😀 Benefits of switching
Reliable & continuous supply, not reliant on timely deliveries and logistics to rural locations
O2 Dosing gives lowest total cost of ownership compared to other methods
O2 dosing is shown to improve quality of the digested sludge
Other methods are heavy on consumables & expensive
Lower operating costs
Improved safety
Higher Productivity
Monitoring & Integration

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Why use O2 over compressed air

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