Compressed Air and Gas Institute

Compressed Air & Gas Institute (CAGI) is the united voice of the compressed air industry, serving as the unbiased authority on technical, educational, promotional, and other matters that affect the industry.

CAGI’s Performance Verification Program is a third-party testing program that validates manufacturers’ claims of rotary compressor and refrigerated dryer performance. The program provides you with reliable and verified performance data for rotary air compressors (5-200HP) and refrigerated air dryers (50-1000 scfm). Don’t just look at the purchase price. Study the product’s verified performance data found on CAGI Data Sheets from participating Rotary Compressor Manufacturers and Refrigerated Dryer Manufacturers.

For example, some may say that all VSD’s are the same but this IS NOT the case! If you want to find out, check out CAGI.

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Compressed Air and Gas Institute

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