Air Compressor Service Plans

Air Compressor Service Plan - Preventative Maintenance Preventative Maintenance Plan

This Plan covers all regular maintenance for your compressed air equipment in a proactive manner. Certified and trained Air Kraft service technicians use genuine parts and lubricants to maintain your installation as it should be. This is the best way to lower the risk of unexpected problems allowing you to optimize your production process. The plan can be customized and adjusted at any time.


• Improved equipment reliability thanks to genuine parts and expert technicians
• Stable costs up front helping you balance your maintenance budget
• Eliminate stock and administration by letting the experts take care of it


Air Compressor Service Plan - Inspection PlanInspection Plan

A compressed air system can only be managed efficiently if the right data is available. Air Kraft’s Inspection Plan consists of regular inspection visits to identify any actions required to keep your compressed air system in prime operating condition. The Inspection Plan is a regular equipment health check, from which any work related to subsequent improvements can be quoted separately.


• No surprises, fixed yearly fee to perform the inspections including all labour and travel costs
• Improved equipment reliability thanks to regular follow-ups by the experts
• Peace of Mind


Air Compressor Service Plan - Fixed PriceFixed Price Services for Regular Maintenance

From machine inspections to labour intensive recommended visits, Fixed Price Services offer you a clear path to maintaining your compressed air installation. Air Krafts’s trained technicians arrive at your door with all required parts to get the job done. They ensure that your machine runs in it’s most efficient way, with lower energy consumption and less risk of unexpected costs due to failures.


• No surprises, one fixed price to perform the work including all travel, material and labour costs
• All manufacturer recommended service activity list done and comprehensive diagnostics report after each visit
• Reduce administration and inventory by letting Atlas Copco take care of it