Genuine Air Compressor Service Parts

Save time getting the right parts

The Service kits supplied by Atlas Copco contain every item down to the last gasket. Just think of the time saved; time that without a service kit would be wasted checking different sources to get a complete set of the parts you need.

Covers your complete air compressor maintenance needs

Air Compressor Service kitsService kits contain all the parts needed as part of a scheduled maintenance program. So from now on you can rely on one single source for all your spare parts. When installed by an Air Kraft technician, his experience and training will keep downtime to the minimum and ensures your equipment will be kept in top condition throughout its operating life



OSC service kitsAdvanced technology for clean condensate

For assured performance and maximum maintenance intervals, the specially designed OSC service kits are highly recommended. Each kit is designed to make life as easy and simple as possible, providing all the equipment needed for a fast, clean and trouble free element changeover.



Atlas Copco compressor oil filtersCompressor oil filtration

Dust and dirt contaminating the compressor oil can lead to damage to or performance losses for rotors and their housings. Since the same oil lubricates the compressor element bearings, damage to these vital components could potentially lead to rotor contact and service failure.

Genuine Atlas Copco compressor oil filters have high performance and are composed of specific filter elements. Features include high-grade filtration efficiency, temperature resistance, and resistance to synthetic oils. Built to withstand high operating pressures, Atlas Copco filters have superior service life, thanks to their high dirt holding capacity.

Atlas Copco filtration elementsCompressor air filtration

Compressor rotors operate with minimal clearances, guaranteeing high performance. However, dirt particles can cause damage, reducing performance and potentially increasing operating costs. To safeguard the high-tech screw element at the heart of your investment, Atlas Copco focused on the intake air filtration system.
Atlas Copco uses special filtration elements to prevent contaminants from passing into the compressor. Yet, we designed them to allow the volume of air to freely flow into the machine. Parts from other manufacturers can never match the performance of these genuine Atlas Copco parts.

Atlas Copco replacement oil separator elementsCompressor oil separation

Only genuine Atlas Copco replacement oil separator elements can offer extremely low oil carryover combined with low pressure differentials. This means better quality air and minimal operating costs through lower oil consumption and longer service life of fine filters installed downstream.