Benefits of GHS VSD+ Vacuum Pumps

Does your Existing Vacuum Pump:


  • Distribute unwanted heat?

  • Make a lot of noise?

  • Spit oil into the factory environment?GHS VSD+ Vacuum Pump

  • Run continuously full load?

  • Need to be dismantled and returned for overhauls?

  • Prove hard to control?


There are many benefits with this range of pumps.




  • Avoids heating up the factory in the summer, and allows (with ducting) to recover the warm air in during winter

  • Has a low noise level

  • Is clean

  • Follows the demand

  • Can be repaired on site, also overhauls if neededGHS 7

  • Can be controlled in CAN networks

  • Can be serviced together with the air compressors

  • Typically can save up to 50% in energy