G 7 – 355 KW

The G200VSD air compressor combines reliable technology with rigid design.

This technology provides an undisputable reliability and performance with high quality compressed air and low operating costs.

This unit delivers high quality compressed air, fully matching the air demand of your application, to achieve the lowest operating costs.


The compressor includes a superior single stage rotary screw compression element, driven by a highly efficient fan cooled motor. Lubrication, cooling systems and oil separator are integrated and built into a silencing enclosure to minimize the noise level. The complete package is completely wired and controlled by the Atlas Copco Elektronikon® controller ensuring minimum installation time and ease of use. The compressor is fully compliant with international mechanical and electrical regulations.

The VSD technology closely follows the air demand by automatically adjusting the motor speed. This results in large energy savings of up to 35%. In addition, lowered system pressure with VSD minimize energy use across your production dramatically.


Technology generates saving

Energy consumption is the biggest portion of the life cycle cost of the compressor. Tests have shown that by running an Atlas Copco variable speed drive compressor, the energy savings achieved are in average 35%, which result in significant savings on the operational costs of your compressed air system. The compressor investment cost is therefore paid back in a short time.


Direct energy savings up to 35%

The Variable Speed Drive compressors generate direct energy savings by :

  • Eliminating the inefficient transition periods from load to unload operation
  • Avoiding excessive off-load operation
  • Maintaining the process pressure band within 0,1 bar / 1,5 psi
  • Following the air consumption of your application


Indirect energy savings

  • Reducing the overall working pressure of your compressed air system
  • Minimizing the leak losses, always present in compressed air systems.
    (e.g. leakage at 6 bar(g) / 87 psig would be 13% less than at 7 bar(g)/ 100 psig )
  • Reducing the air consumption of many compressed air utilities
    Compressed air applications consume less air at reduced pressure

In addition to the direct energy savings, these indirect energy savings can add-up to another 10% cost saving in the complete compressed air installation.


Additional VSD benefits

  • The constant net pressure provides stability for all your processes using compressed air
  • Current peaks during start-up are eliminated


  1. VSD compressors can be started and stopped without limitation
  2. Frequent start-stops, no longer lead to expensive electrical surges on the network
    which are often penalised
  3. The electrical installation size can often be down rated for smaller currents,
    meaning savings in the investment cost


Reliable technology in a robust package


Designed to meet the highest levels of Reliability, Easy installation and reduce your operating Cost



Heavy duty oil filtration system

Assuring continuous uptime, the package is delivered with a 10 micron oil filtration system for extremely clean oil

  • Maximum reliability
  • Increased lifetime of internal components
  • Long service intervals and easily accessible
  • Protecting the compressor element, bearings, gears in the harshest operating conditions


Peace of mind using intelligent controls

The Atlas Copco Elektronikon® compressor control and monitoring system, uses advanced algorithms for maximum reliability. The controller can handle 31 languages facilitating communication

  • Comprehensive, pro-active maintenance display
  • User-friendly, intuitive navigation system
  • Multiple operating modes will guarantee ultimate performance in all operating conditions


Easy installation service

The compact design is easy for customer installation and service, no need special treatment on the ground, easy for transportation

  • Reduction of footprint
  • Flat base frame with integrated forklift slots
  • Lowest oil drain point position
  • Oil filter located on the edge of base frame
  • Element located on the edge of base from



State-of-the-art rotary screw element

Patented oil injected rotary screw elements with the latest Atlas Copco asymmetric rotor profile designed for the optimum combination of maximised free air delivery for the lowest power consumption

  • Extended lifetime
  • Precise oil injection for the highest performance at the lowest element temperatures and minimal losses
  • Designed for low wear and tear, thanks to the selection of high quality materials


Highly efficient transmission and drive system

Full EMC compliant, build-in insulated bearing

  • Gearbox and elastic coupling prevent damage to the motor bearings from axial loads generated by the gas compression forces
  • TEFC IP55 motor enclosure for export unit, IP23 for China but have a IP55 option
  • Class F insulation


Connecting to customer needs

The Atlas Copco Elektronikon® compressor control and monitoring system is designed to interface with various communication protocols connecting to your central control or building management system.

Expanding the compressor room is easy using the CAN communication link to connect to any other Atlas Copco equipment in your plant

  • Interfacing through Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet/IP
  • No extra interfaces required
  • All data is transferred for monitoring purposes


High performance VSD technology

Fully EMC compliant, integrated Variable Speed Drive for smooth starting, ultimate energy savings and large turndown

  • Long lifetime of the electronic components
  • Highest performance
  • Large speed window to maximize savings


Air quality

Heavy duty air inlet filter

To protect the compressor components from wear, even in the harshest environments, a heavy duty air inlet filter is integrated in the package, ensuring

  • Long lifetime of internal components
  • Two steps of dust removal
    premium filtration of particles > 3 micron with an efficiency of 99,9%
  • Long service intervals


Protecting your production process

The integrated high efficient cooling system with axial cooling fans and air/oil separator ensures a low residual oil content in the compressed air

  • Optimal cooling flow by the high efficient axial cooling fans equipped with optimised fan blades
  • Aluminium block coolers for optimal temperature regulation in all operating conditions and easily accessible for maintenance


Working principle


The air system

The air is drawn into the compressor through the inlet filter (1) and is compressed in the oil injected rotary screw compression element (3) .


Lubrication fluid is injected into the air and the air / oil mixture passes through a non-return valve (4) to the oil separator element (5).


The air then passes through a minimum pressure valve (6) and is cooled by an air cooled
after cooler (7).


The oil system

Lubrication fluid contained in the oil receiver (5) flows under differential pressure to a thermostatic bypass valve (9), air cooled oil cooler (8), high efficiency oil filter (10) and oil stop valve(11) before being injected into the compression element (3) where it cools, seals and lubricates the compression process.


The high efficiency oil filter provides superior filtration compared to conventional filters resulting in cleaner lubricant. The thermostatic bypass valve (9) ensures that the compressor quickly reaches optimum operating temperature on start-up and maintains temperature during periods of low load by allowing cold lubricant to bypass the oil cooler.


A low noise, axial cooling fan provides cooling air to the oil cooler (8) and after cooler (7), ensuring satisfactory running temperatures as well as ventilating the compressor enclosure and electrical control panel.


Standard scope of supply


  • Structural base frame with integrated forklift slots
  • Sound enclosure for indoor use
  • Heavy duty air inlet filter
  • High performance Variable Speed Drive (VSD)
  • High efficient, main drive motor dedicated for VSD application
  • State-of-the-art, single stage oil injected rotary screw compressor element
  • Direct coupling between motor and compressor element
  • Integrated oil circuit with heavy duty oil filters
  • Elektronikon® control and monitoring system
  • All alarm and safety devices connected to controller
  • All piping connections located at convenient locations
  • EMC compliant, pre-wired control panel with integrated Variable Speed Drive
  • Air cooled oil and air after cooler with axial cooling fans
  • Air/Oil separator with 3 step separation process for low residual oil content
    (< 3 ppm) in the compressed air.
  • Integrated safety valve on air/oil separator
  • First oil fill included

Remote monitoring and connectivity



Design features and benefits



Dedicated, high efficient
Variable Speed Drive (VSD)



Precise air demand control generating substantial energy savings.

No current peaks at start-up



Main drive induction motor completely matching the
Variable Speed Drive (VSD)



Powerful efficiency for the
lowest energy consumption.
Providing highest torque to start loaded following the variable air demand



Packaged, silencing enclosure,
with all interconnecting piping
and wiring



Easy and quick installation, commissioning and start up,
Minimal installation costs.

Low noise level



Rigid base frame with
integrated forklift slots



Saving transport costs;
facilitating movement by the use of a forklift truck.



Intelligent control system
communicating in your personal language


The user-friendly, intuitive navigation system will contribute to a low training cost of your operating people

Tighter pressure control minimises energy consumption



Full compliancy with international electrical and mechanical regulations


Saving on administration costs,
no local approvals required



Variety of optional features


Ability to customize a compressor for particular application requirements