Aerospace Engineering Ind 2xBoge 22kw

Customer: Aerospace Engineering
Reason for audit: Fixed speed compressors, ideal energy saving opportunity.
Current compressor: 2 off Boge C30D (22kW) compressors
Cost of electricity: £0.34 /kWh (average cost)
Results of Audit: Measured potential savings 40.94% = £21,233/year
Simulated compressor: Atlas Copco GA22VSDs (26kW) IE5
ROI on equipment: <12 Months

How does this GA22VSDs compressor save so much energy and money?

Atlas Copco’s state-of-the-art element in a unique vertical configuration with an ultra-premium efficiency (IE5) ferrite assisted synchronous reluctance motor. This new motor technology equals IE5 efficiency without the need of rare earth materials, making it a completely sustainable solution.

Boge 1

Boge 2

Above the energy (Amps) charts are showing the compressor running condition, running on load, and running unloaded.

Green is loaded running – efficient use of power.

Orange is unloaded running, not producing air – wasted electricity.

We can see from the brief snapshots, that while one compressor is running quite efficiently, the issue here is that the second compressor is wasting energy with excessive offload running and we found it to be stop-starting too frequently too which is inefficient and damaged the electric motor through overheating.

A single Boge CD30 (22kW) compressor has the output of 60 l/s which was just below the peak demand of the site, this is why the second compressor was cutting in and out to compensate for the under sized lead compressor.

Our Atlas Copco GA22VSDS (22kW) compressor has a peak flow of 83.3 l/s from the same size electric motor which is an immediate advantage meaning that it can manage the full demand alone, it delivers more flow from the same size motor offering obvious energy savings, it has a turn-down of 16.2 l/s and zero unloaded running to cover the times of low demand too.

Weekly Flow chart (l/s)

Survey results

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